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Hey, I am trying to do something I use to know how to do but I cannot figure it out.. I am trying to take data that is in a table format off of a website and create a spreadsheet. I did not create this website.. If I could just copy the source code and put it into the spreadsheet that would be great. but the code copy and paste it doesn't work. How do I do this? if you need the website I can give that to you.. Thank you..
do a(n) sql dump, clean up and convert it to a file.csv and try importing it into excel.

Sorry misread your question . . . maybe export the source, do a find and replace <td>s for commas, save as a csv file and import into excel.
yes you can do it ..first you have to copy the code on simple notepad and after that you can paste it on spreadsheet.I hope it will work.
I might merely make a copy the source code and set it into the table with the purpose of would be terrific. But the code make a copy and paste it doesn't piece. How figure out I figure out this
- get source code.
- find and replace <td>s with commas, <tr>s with line returns
- save as file.csv
- open in excel

or something like that.
This has been here awhile now. Never knew about this since I never did use excel. Nice piece of info right here.
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