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I have currently a form which the users can either submit as a whole group or by Item, I need to do some changes of which I am not sure hence my help request.

- Need to denote required fields in both options (whole group and/or by item) when the user picks "whole group" they need to enter Name; ID; Kilos and Grammas. When the user chooses "individual item" than they need to enter: Name; ID; Kilos and Grammas, I am allowing the user to enter up to eight different choices, I would like to ensure that all necessary fields are entered however I do understand that if the user only needs to enter one Individual item I do not know how can I disable the remain fields from required to not required, I had an idea, although not enough knowledge to put in practice, which is if a Name is entered then the "ID; Kilos and Grammas" would be compulsory only for that line....

- When the user submits the form he/she receive a email informing of the entries, however if the user enters Individual items nothing is displayed, so I need the form to printed in a email.

Hope you understand what I am trying to achieve and that someone can help me,

Thanks in advance
Vitor da Fonseca
Darin McGrew
Please see the FAQ entry How can I require that fields be filled in, or filled in correctly?
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