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Full Version: Need help... basic html question i think
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I am farely new to html and am running into some problems. I am using code to place my images whereever i want by pixels from top, left. If i resize the browser than the website changes completely. pics moves, words move. how do i stop this? Also i saw sites that have the words centered and different colors on the sides for example... not my site but

If you can help me at all please do

Less is often more. It's the positioning that creates the problem. Positioning is very powerful and can be extremely useful, but as you've discovered, to position page details relative the browser edges isn't a good way to go. Basically, the more you can let things be in the normal flow of the page, the more adaptable the page will be.

The design you like is very simple to accomplish. You need a container DIV to hold all the content and as a hanger for border and background. Then you just center that DIV. The image and the blurb beside it can be accomplished by using float.

The centering and floating should be done with CSS, as should any borders and backgrounds and all other presentational stuff you may use.

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