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Full Version: Image alignment problems
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Hopefully this is a quick question. Maybe it isn't. I'm learning this as I go.

Anyways, I have this page here with a bunch of banners. Unfortunately the top row of banners refuses to line up horizontally. I tried changing the alignment around, and the order of the banners.
If it helps, here's a sample block of html code I'm using:
<a href=""><img class="size-full wp-image-1119 alignright" title="Banner DnD Weekly" src="" alt="" width="120" height="60" /></a>

I used the same initial block, and modified it for each banner, in order to ensure I didn't forget a quotation mark or slash (or some such).

Any ideas about what is causing the alignment issue?
You left out what you have between the image links. The BR tags cause the staircase effect.
Darin McGrew
You also have <br> tags between the images, and you float the images to the left. The <br> tags push each image down one line from the previous one.
I'm using Word Press, and I didn't know the 'enter' key inserted an invisible <br>. I pulled it all together.

Thanks, so much.
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