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Full Version: HTML passes a parameter to a shockwave movie
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Hi, I am using this code to pass the users name to the shockwave movie by calling a handler in adobe director.

I had this working on my trail run but now I cant get it to work. hope somone can help.
The code below was what was given to us to use and is the only real variable as the shockwave movie is not the problem.

[/code]<!-- javascript function. you may copy this and paste into the head tag. change the 'ParamEg1' value to the name of your shockwave movie -->
<!-- you may also copy the code at the bottom for the input field -->

<script language="Javascript">
function setPlayer(){
return 0;


<!-- you may also copy these three lines to set up the input field and paste into the body tag -->

<form name="inputForm" method=POST>
<input type="text" id="playerName" value="Player name">
<input type="button" value="Submit" onClick="setPlayer()">

Darin McGrew
This looks like it belongs in the Graphics, Flash and Multimedia section, rather than in the Markup section.
whats the actionscript look like?
in the movie or frames it should allow that form info to be pulled into actionscript but I cant remember the code for it as I dont use flash much. I'm sure there's a GOOGLE tutorial on that somewhere out there.
try "passing form variables to Flash" or something similar
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