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We are considering HTML ads for clients that use a div that has a background image.

How would you set this up? Is there a proper way?

What do we aim for in accessible standards?

People to enlarge the type in the browser without the image covering the type? (See sample with text enlarged in a browser)

Or just semantic coding?

Then, what about the new HTML 5 way of making the image repeat to be "responsive". Will this be compliant? Is there a tutorial video on the web?

Here is an example of the ad.
It is the Wellness 2.0 ad to the right.


There's a few ways you can accomplish that result.

1. have the code that is to appear in the <div> area pulled from a database. so as an example:

<?php include('advertisement_handler_site100.php'); ?>
this would pull the handler file and the handler file would direct it to the SQL database to grab the code you have stored for that day, week, month etc ...through perhaps an interface you have coded to interact with your database. Then you're simply adding image files to folders and uploading <a href""><image src="site100.jpg" border="0" Alt="Nice Stuff"></a>

So the code can be uploaded to the database and whatever you put there, is rendered out to the webpage. Naming it site100 (as in example was in case you have 100 different clients and you have them saved by site1 , site 2, etc in database.

The other ways give you less access outside of their site. If you have to upload images and files to their server. So for the offsite ability , use your own server, folders, and database, and only need to include the PHP include(' ') code at their site. that line will access you to their site from offsite. That section (div) on their site will be pulling info from you offsite and will give you full acces, control over what shows up in their <div> tag
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