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Full Version: html changed from preview
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Hello All,
I am trying to design a homepage of sorts for a business. I thought I had it complete and validated it. It looks good when viewing it in CoffeeCup and when testing it in a browser there.

However, when I just open the html file by itself the page loads all different.

Also, my boss doesn't want to webhost just for this single page, is there a way to just embed images instead of having to host them and then have to link?

below is a picture of what it is suppose to look like and then how it looks from browser. and also the code.

Thank you in advance for any help.


Darin McGrew
The second version looks like the style sheets and images aren't found. How are you viewing "the html file by itself"?

And how do you expect customers to view "the html file by itself"?
I have all the images set aside and was going to upload them to a ftp and then link them from there.

As for loading the page, I am just opening with firefox and IE from the saved location.

I want it to look like the one with "MS" at the top, except for I have a different image that will go there.

Thank you for the quick reply.
Do you view it from the same location as you do when you use your editor's preview?
No, I have view it in Coffee Cup editor and viewed it "external in test browser" and it looked good. but when just opening it from a saved location in firefox and IE it doesn't look right.
Open the exact same file as you use in Coffeecup and not a copy of it placed somewhere else.

Thing is, Coffeecup has probably used relative links. That's all good, but all used files must have exactly the same relationship to the HTML file as when they were created. If you for instance have a main folder for your project and in that folder you have your index.html and a folder named images with all your images you must keep that structure if you move the files, so the images still are one folder down from the HTML file.
Alternatively you have used Windows paths instead of URLs (c:\folder...) but it doesn't seem likely Coffee cup would do that.

Could you copy a bit of the markup, say, around an image tag and paste it in here?
thank you, made me realize a bone head mistake. I didn't have the css, images, and java folders in the same place as the html. thank you for letting me know that. Also I had some of the images in the html listed as index_file.jpg instead of just the file.jpg
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