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John Strange
I am having trouble reading through directions for an assignment that I have to complete for my HTML class. The steps I am getting stuck on state:

2. Go to the subscription.htm file in your text editor and insert a link to the sform.css style sheet.
3. Scroll down the file and insert a form element with the id subForm, directly below the paragraph in the rightColumn div container.
4. Insert a field set with the id subPlans. Within the field set do the following:
-Insert four option buttons belonging to the subplan field.
-Give the option buttons the ids plan1 through plan4 and the values 1 through 4.
-After each option button, insert a label element associated with the preceding option button. The test of the four labels is "6 mo./$24", "12 mo./$45", "18 mo./$64", and "24 mo./$80 (best value)".
5. After the subPlans field set, insert a label containing the text "Name". Associate the label with the cName field and put it in the class floatLabel.
6. After the label, insert and input box for the cName field. Place the input box in the floatCtrl field and se the size of the input box to 50 characters.
7. Insert another label containing the text "Address" associated with the address field and belonging to the floatLabel class. After the label, insert a text area box for the address field. Set the size of the box to six rows by 50 columns and place the text area box in the floatCtrl field.
8. Insert a label with the id adreeLabel associated with the agree field. Place the label in the floatLabel Class. Within the label element, insert a check box for the agree field. After the check box, but within the label element, insert the text "Yes, I wish to pay online by entering my credit card information below."
9. Insert a field set with the id payment. At the top of the field set, insert a label belonging to the floatLabel class, containing the text "Credit Card" and associated with the cardType field.

I am having trouble understanding how to associate a label with a field name. I got up to step 5 and got stuck. Can anyone help? I am really having trouble determing what some of this text means. Attached is my working file. Thank you!
Darin McGrew
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