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Full Version: Order Button Code NOT Working
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I am trying to promote a product through ClickBank on my website. I have been given two pieces of code. The first is for promotional video which I can get to display correctly:
N.B. I took the code from here

<center><div id="evp-7f3f7bc6b6ffa499adc6f4fdef391519-wrap" class="evp-video-wrap"></div><script type="text/javascript" src=""></script><script type="text/javascript"><!--

The second piece of code is supposed to make a 'Add To Cart' button appear after the video has played for 25 mins, but it never appears. Here is the code:

<div id="evp-element-txb-female-public-1-1-add-to-cart" style="display:none;"><div style="height: 180px; width: 311px; margin: 10px auto;"><a href="" onclick="java script:_gaq.push(['_trackEvent','outbound-article','']);"><img width="311" height="180" border="0" alt="" src="" style="padding-top: 8px;"></a></div></div>

ClickBank told me "You must paste the code from each of the boxes [the two pieces of code in this post] below into your web site." I tried that and the Add To Cart button just never appears.

Are you able to see why this isn't working? Perhaps it is related to the back-end and not the code.

Thanks for your help!
It was a problem with a back-end. It is all working now. Moderator, feel free to delete this thread if you want (saves cluttering up your forum).

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