Hello everyone, I'm new here and I was wondering if you could help me out.
I've been struggling to realize what causes this problem for couple of days now.

I have a website that works perfect in Chrome & Firefox, but in Internet Explorer 8, it looks horrible. It's messed up and the layout is all wrong.

Now, I tried to check what causes this problem, so I went to the website which I took the code from (it's a free WordPress template only I copied the code and edited it myself instead of using it via WordPress, so it's a regular website) in order to see if it's working, and then in case it's working, compare it to my website and see what I changed that messed up the site when using IE.

Now comes the confusing part:
When I open the site (not mine, the original template demo) in IE8, for half a second it's messed up but then it fixes itself perfectly and becomes similar to Chrome & Firefox display (With or without Compatibility View) - which is all good.
However, when I open the same page offline (locally), it's messed up. I check the whole code several times, and I checked that all the links, the images and the css files are linked correctly (all the links link to the demo template files on the web).

Finally, when I couldn't figure out what causes this problem, I uploaded the page online to my website to check if it will work when it's online. It didn't work, even though as far as I know, it's the same code linked to the same external files (images, css, js, etc).

Here are the links to the two pages:

1) The original website - which works in IE8 perfectly.
2) The same page only I've copied the source code and uploaded after I checked all the links and stuff (I only had to change the "href" of the css and some not important images links) - which not working as intended in IE8 - the layout is messed up and the pages navigator is gone.

- I did not link to my website after the changes I made because It's the same html & css only with changes to the content.
- If there are any other ways to handle the display problems of IE, I would like to know.

Any help is appreciated,
Thanks for reading!