I am seeing no CAPTCHA image when clicking on the "Reply" botton to a Craigslist ad.
I've never encountered the problem before. It's always worked fine. No nothing, no image, no image refresh button or audio button, it's all blank.

No new hardware or software, no new programs. No security settings have been tweaked*.

I have, however, under the Internet Options box, for the tabs Security and Privacy, added new Restricted Sites, and Blocked sites respectively.

Not while on Craigslist, making me think I might have blocked whatever service they use to provide the CAPTCHA technology, by blocking the site inadventantly via another website (I have Third-party Cookies set to "Prompt", and I blocked spammy ones).

The Craigslist System Status page says CAPTCHA image problems are mostly fixed but will not work for users with Internet Explorer 6 or older. I am on IE7 and it's always worked fine.

Any help?

Here's a picture of it:
IPB Image