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Full Version: Youtube link in my web site
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I hope someone can help me.

I am not sure if this is the right section to post this message.

I have been trying to make a link in my web site for a youtube video. I have a program that automatically makes my web pages and I was trying to write the following code on the web page template.

The first part is constant on each page of the template

the second part {property field="Custom6"} is the youtube code that is retrieved from my database.

I am trying to join the 2 parts together

<td class="property_factlabel" width="35%" valign="top">YouTube Video:</td>
<td valign="top"><a href="{property field="Custom6"}</a></td>

I have been trying for hours, but I am afraid I have not been very successful.

Can anybody help please.

Kind regards
Not without knowing how your progam works...
And there are things wrong with the link anyway.
It lacks a ">"
<a href="{property field="Custom6"}></a>

Then, double quotes are used for both the HREF and the value of property field. That probably should be
<a href="{property field='Custom6'}></a>
(mark the single quotes inside double quotes).

And, the link is empty, there's nothing to click on, eg.
<a href="...">My video</a>
Christian J
Also this is not a proper double quote:


Use this instead:

Yep, I hadn't seen that one, it's easily overlooked.
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