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Full Version: Totally lost on a simple(?) system
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Okay, here's what I want to do
Have a login page, where a person would enter a four digit number, which would direct them to another page. IE 1292 will take you to page A, 9274 will take you to page B, etc. Alternatively, if this isn't possible simply, then I can skip this step. I don't even know how to phrase it to look for help, and google doesn't respond to my description XD

I'm working for a page, that will have four options, only one can be selected, and it will go to update another page, and information box. I can kinda see it in my head, just can't figure out what I need to do.
What I see is:
Login page. If box = 1292, bring to page a, etc.
Select one of three options, additional fourth may be selected also. Choice will update another page with a box stating the choice, and keeping it that way until it is changed to another one, then changing it to that one.

I'm more of a computer software programmer, than a web designer, so what I want may be totally impossible, but I am sure there is some way, some how that this can be done. If anyone has a way to do it the way I'm suggesting, or even another way, with similar effects, that'd be great.

The reason I need this is for a resource list for a game online. We have certain units available, and right now, you've got to read through piles of information to find it out, and this would hopefully relieve this stress, by instead allowing the commanders for that unit to change if they can help or not, and also let people know whether or not they are at full gear, or in the alternative (fourth option box) This could then update to a big list page, where you could load it and check out immediately, who can do what and who can't.

I really appreciate any guidance, even if you could give me a name of what I'm trying to do, so I can look up it. Like I said earlier, Google is not willing to cooperate easily.
Brian Chandler
I'm more of a computer software programmer, than a web designer,

Then there should be no problem. What you want is "server side programming"; you need to learn to use PHP (C family) or Perl, and you can write any logic you like to generate a page in response to a request. In html you need to learn about <form>.

You almost certainly need to keep all the info in a database, so you do also need to learn the basics of SQL (MySQL etc), which isn't very difficult. The PHP online manual is very good (the MySQL documentation is much harder to use).

Thanks, I'll give that a try
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