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Full Version: Css Font-Size not working in Firefox
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Well the problem is just what it says. I have been building a website and it has been just fine. I recently went back to work on it and now I can change the size,

Font-size: 100%; or
Font-size: 16px; or
Anything else really. It works just fine and will change the size in any browser EXCEPT Firefox. I would like to try and figure out why this just started to happen.

Thank you,
Ok after more extensive testing on multiple computers, and operating systems and versions or Firefox I have come to the conclusion that is not working in Firefox on Ubuntu 11.04. It works fine on windows in older and newer versions. So is it possible that it is just an operating system problem?
We need the URL to the page.
Oh yes how silly of me =P
Can't fix the problem if you can't see it!
OK. What CSS rule are you trying to change and how? I didn't find anything about font size.

Also, what kind of an animal is that? I want one! biggrin.gif
Well see that is just it! I was sure somewhere I defined the size for it but it stopped working. I have been just messing around on my computer and adding
font-size: 16px;
or percentage, em, really anything I can think of but no matter what I do the size won't change! and it affecting the entire page! I wouldn't worry about it so much but it has made the text too large to fit in the nav bar space. It is proving rather bothersome...

And it is a Tree Kangaroo! The Wildlife Society at Truman State adopted one as their mascot and we managed to get a talented artist friend to draw one up =) It is rather cute...
Oh and I just updated the css page with a font-size: 16px; in the nav-background and
#menu li a{ } area. Neither of which had an affect on the font size. I also tried them together and separate so I am at a loss =(
Darin McGrew
Have you configured that particular browser to enforce a minimum font size, or to ignore document font sizes entirely?
I have not configured my browser to do that...How would I go about doing so?
In the rule for .nav-background you set the font size first to 16px and later to 100%, so that does nothing. But the declaration in the rule for #menu li a should work and I think it does. Sorry, it works in all my FireFoxes.

The minimum font size, in my version of FF it's on the content tab in Options. Click the Advanced button.

A tree kangaroo... Well, can I have one? wub.gif
Ok well I finally managed to track down the options area. In my particular version of Firefox 4.0.1 it is under Edit -> Prefrences ->Content then the Advanced button in Fonts & Colors. I have tried to enforce a minimum text size and tried to uncheck the "Allow pages to choose their own fonts, instead of my selections above. Everything I did changed this page, the Firefox help page, and Facebook changes...but...the website I am working on does not change in the least...And what operating system were you running in when you tried your Firefox? I am currently in Ubuntu 11.04 and so is my doesn't work for either of us. But is does work in Firefox on my Windows....So I really just don't know any more...

And of course you can have one! I would never say no to someone wanting something so cute and lovable! =)
Windows. I could try on Ubuntu, but I don't see how the OS could possibly affect this.

You have some errors, both HTML and CSS ones, but I don't see anything that would cause this kind of problem. When I first looked you had a parse error in the CSS (that's serious) but it's gone now.

I don't want a tree kangaroo anymore. I read about them and learnt that they are solitary creatures that aren't too fond of being petted and might claw you if you try to cuddle. Wouldn't have suspected from the look of that guy. sad.gif
Oops...I didn't even know about the parse error...I really should use a validatior...Glad I fixed it though =)
Yeah, you should. Sometimes simple errors cause a lot of trouble.
Well I have been fixing the simple errors but nothing is working. I have been looking more at my FireFox browser and I notice that defining size and style of text on ANY webpage doesn't work. It just kinda does what it wants. So I do not believe the error is with my code but with my browser itself. So I will declare this closed unless you all have one other idea. Oh and thanks about the validator. It has really helped me clean up my messes =)

Thank you guys for all of your help!
Sounds like your browser. Could you have turned off CSS or part of it somehow (don't remember what options there are offhand)? Use a user style sheet? Anything like that?
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