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Full Version: CMS (please help)
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i have been reading up on PHP to make a CMS (content management system). I have came up with this little bit of code so far, can you tell me if it will work? and if not give a link to one that will work?

(i need my client to be able to edit the photos/text on the WHOLE site)

Does it work when you run it?
Have you seen this: ? Or search for "php cms tutorial" or similar.
thank you for the link! helped alot!
Christian J
QUOTE(Frederiek @ Jun 15 2011, 03:05 PM) *

That seems like a questionable tutorial, for a number of reasons (to lazy to elaborate, but read the user comments).
Sorry, I didn't look, but if you say so.
There are surely better ones then, upon searching the web.
Christian J
QUOTE(Christian J @ Jun 15 2011, 10:23 PM) *

to lazy to elaborate

I'll do it anyway! tongue.gif

The tutorial code is written with PHP classes, objects and heredoc syntax , which IMO is not suitable for a beginner audience.

The CMS created in the tutorial apparently lets you edit pages' raw HTML code from a form. For a CMS user that doesn't know HTML that's not too useful, while those that do know HTML might as well edit inclusion text files in a text editor and upload with an FTP program. (A CMS like this might be useful if you know HTML but is away from your own computer, though.)

Finally the tutorial doesn't show how to protect the CMS from unauthorized use, and indeed it seems the demo version has been removed due to readers posting malicious javascript in it.
Thanks, that's quite heavy! If I needed a CMS, I'd use an existing one or have my husband create one. biggrin.gif
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