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Full Version: Writing on right side of a table
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<table border= 1px>
<tr> <td> 11 </td> <td> 12 </td> </tr>
<tr> <td> 21 </td> <td> 22 </td> </tr>

How can I write on the right side of the table ?
Many ways, this is one.

<table border="1" align="left">

Please note that it's border="1", not border= 1px. In CSS you write out the px unit, in HTML you do not.
Darin McGrew
You could use the align="left" attribute to float the table left, although it is deprecated. You can also use the CSS float property.
Thanks a lot pandy and Darin McGrew....was looking for a solution since days...

<table float="left"> didn't work...

Just curious to know....What are the other ways to do so ?
QUOTE(smarty3010 @ Mar 4 2011, 07:22 PM) *

<table float="left"> didn't work...

Because it's wrong. It's <table style="float: left"> . See .

Just curious to know....What are the other ways to do so ?

None as direct as these. You can create a layout in many ways. The old way would be to use another (outer) table to create two columns and place the table in the left and the text in the right. The modern way is to use CSS and there are too many ways to do it to describe them all here. It also depends on how you want the whole page to look.
Thanks a lot again pandy smile.gif
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