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Full Version: Problem with asp
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Hi guys

I have a problem with some code I have written and I was hoping someone here could help.

I have a link on my webpage that opens a certain page and populates it dynamically using data from a database. Its not working, at all. I have done it many times before, its just refusing to work on this occasion.

Would someone mind taking a look at the code and telling me where I am going wrong?

The link in question is the big GPS Mounts link in the left middle of the index.asp page. It should open the gpsmounts.asp page and populate it with content listed as GPSMOUNTS in the Type field from stockdetails.mdb.

I have attached the files in a zip but the link to the page online is:


Thanks for looking,

sorry, I meant index.html, not index.asp...
Darin McGrew and return 404 Not Found.
It should be showing now... :S
No, I'm afraid not.
You do have your index.html file at the root of the domain?
yes, it is at the root. I am looking at it online in IE8 now...

I dont know why you cant see it...

Christian J
QUOTE(Pluribus @ Mar 3 2011, 03:49 AM) *

the link to the page online is:


Online URLs need forward slashes.

QUOTE(Darin McGrew @ Mar 3 2011, 08:56 AM) *

I got no response at all, but without the www prefix both and work.

Clicking on the link to I get a list of "test" products (filler text and images).

Managed to fix it between posts. Just deleted the code and rewrote it out. I guess there was just a typo somewhere throwing it off, but its all fine now...

Thanks anyway guys!

Christian J
Don't forget to make URLs with a www prefix work too.
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