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Hi! I am having a couple of problems with an email newsletter and would love your help. It can be found at Here are my issues:

1. The bottom portion falls apart in Gmail (the follow me right column, and the visit website and about blog move to the left instead of the right as does the whole footer).
2. There are strange faint lines when viewed in IE
3. When sent to Hotmail or Yahoo account, the images are blocked - is there a way to make them unblocked on my end or only the account holders end

Thank you SO much!

First off, I don't have any of the accounts you mention, nor IE.

Start by fixing the markup errors found by the validator: .

And read this Sitepoint article at . Be sure to also read some of the related articles, particularly 1 and 4.
There is a minor error in your code

                      <!--   <ul class="link_list">
                         <li class="rssicon"><a href="">&nbsp;</li>
                         <li class="facebookicon"><a href="">&nbsp;</a></li>
                         <li class="twittericon"><a href="">&nbsp;</li>
                                           </ul> --></td>

you're using 2 </td> here.

But gmail looks fine to me.

I'm not sure about the IE lines. Could they be spacing images?

afaik hotmail users have to say they want to view the images.
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