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Full Version: Chrome vs Frames
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visor revolution
ok so im just learning html.
i was working on frames.
i was trying to do a navigation frame.

it renders perfectly fine in IE and Firefox, but for some reason when i load it in chrome it has duplicate nav frames on the left.

i have attached the documents documents:

Click to view attachment

Click to view attachment
In the 'showframe' frame you load another instance of the frameset document itself. I don't know why browsers handle it differently, but I'm sure you didn't intend to do this.


<frameset cols="120,*">
<frame src="page revert.html" />
<frame src="frameset.html" name="showframe" />


Also, you call the menu page 'page_revert.html' but link to 'page revert.html'. I guess that went wrong when you posted this, or you wouldn't see the menu page. But spaces aren't allowed in URLs and must be escaped with %20, 'page%20revert.html'. It's much neater to stick with the underscore.
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