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Full Version: Lady wants Pacman disabled from Google
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Darin McGrew
This one is making the rounds. Many seem to be laughing at the woman who calls support asking for the April Fools Pacman doodle to be removed, but I think it is a good example of how many users will be confused by tabs (and new windows) in their browser, and a caution against websites automatically opening new tabs/windows.

Lady wants Pacman disabled from Google
I missed that. Did Google have some kind of animated and blipping pacman as logo or what?
Darin McGrew
Yep. By popular demand, it's still available here:
Cool! I didn't think a day went by without me using Google, but obviously it happens.
Christian J
QUOTE(Darin McGrew @ Jun 10 2010, 11:28 PM) *

I just see an empty box.
Darin McGrew
I've updated the link to point directly to a YouTube video that isn't private:
I could see it all along.

New windows are a bane. Nowadays when many HTMLers at last refrain from opening new windows, you see people complain about that they don't! We have gotten so used to it that it's seen as a default behavior and to have to do it yourself is too troublesome. ohmy.gif
I saw that - brilliant, especially with the noises of Pacman in the background.
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