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Hey there,

I have been recently getting complants for a ebsite that I am in charge of, the complaints are that the links on the site are not working for them one of the people is using a MAC and the other is using a Vista I believe.

The website is

They say the top links (Welcome,About,Events etc;) are working but not the ones on the sub pages like say on the Programs page the links on the side .

Of course these all work on my computer and I have tried and tried to figure out what could be causing this bug and I just can't figure it out... can sombody point me in the right direction so that I can get this site working???? Once I made this current layout it has been more then trouble for me.... however I don't want to change it at this point in time...

Any feedback would be GREAT!

- Hiliary
You have bigger problems. I see (almost) no content on any of your pages, just the top picture, the background image of the horse and the top and bottom bars. Nothing in-between.

This is in K-Meleon, a gecko browser a few versions behind FF.
Oh man, What am I missing?! I have made others and had little to no faults on most browsers... this is very frustrating!
Tom H.
The links are being hidden under something. If I remove some of the z-index styles from one of the pages in question, the links become visible again. Sorry I can't be more specific, but there is a lot going on in your pages.
If you remove z-index: -1; from the line

<div id="container" style="position: relative; z-index: -1;">

then links on the left side are visible and clickable. However, there are some errors in your html, you should solve that.
Thanks So Much! I will go ahead and do this today when I am working on it.

Can you help point me in the right direction on what somethings are that could be fixed in the HTML , I am still very new to all of this and self taught, will be taking college class's this coming fall.

It makes me very frustrated, what I learned in a class I took recently I used on this site and it has given me more trouble..
That should teach you something about web design classes. tongue.gif

Honestly, I was joking above, I have never attended such a class, but as the talk goes, schools are teaching old methods and poor technique. This is just mailing list gossip and probably isn't all true.
Can you help point me in the right direction on what somethings are that could be fixed in the HTML

It's simple: you check your webpage with validator and then remove one error at the time. Although error descriptions are not always very reasonably written, one can see what's going on. Just take it easy, read what validator says and you'll be fine smile.gif
QUOTE(pandy @ Mar 22 2010, 07:40 PM) *
Honestly, I was joking above, I have never attended such a class

My friend recently attended such a class. She got all the papers. The teacher was "fantastic". The curriculum was "great". They learned "all about web". She can't make a simplest website. That's about classes. I learned more here in one week than people in two months in "web school". But I guess they don't have Pandy and Darin there smile.gif
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