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Hey! I'm having a hard time figuring out why i can't get my tumblr to show the notes that should be posted for each of the entries i make. I'm doing something wrong with the html

if you can figure it out its @

i'd REALLY appreciate it!
I think I see them in FF. One says "html question.. can anyone help me make it so my notes are visible? i am html challenged and canít figure out what iím doing wrong. anything will help!i will love you forever."

In IE6 I see a blank page. What browser(s) have you checked the page with?
Well, that was easy. The first error here. You have commented out the whole page.

But it didn't sound like a totally blank page was what you saw. So it there another problem?
Hey I'm really sorry I don't know how to use the link you gave me... is the part at the bottom my htm corrected? i just don't know why you cannot easily see a spot at the bottom of each entry saying "_notes" and there's no way for you to reblog my entries easily either..
i also don't know why it's not working in IE! sad.gif could you help please?
still challenged,
Darin McGrew
The first error is
Line 2, character 71:
... tp:// --!>
Error: invalid comment declaration; check your comment syntax
The link goes to which indicates that comment syntax is
<!-- An example comment -->
rather than
<!-- An example comment --!>
"_notes" isn't in the source of your page.
Hi! I'm a newbie with tumblr/blogs. I was hoping if anyone could help me with my situation with Tumblr.

I'm trying to change the logo from a template with my own. I used photobucket to create the html code and the image appears perfectly. The only problem is, it creates a link to the page of my photobucket website as the logo itself! How do I create a logo on tumblr without the link attached?

Will really appreciate the help!
So, Tumblr is being weird.

I have sent a few fan mails to someone on Tumblr. I know they replied but I never see the actual message/reply from them.
It's sort of annoying.
Does anyone know what I could do to fix that? Or does anyone know what the problem is and possibly how to fix it?
Help is appreciated.
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