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> vert col not even, improper indent of title, need correct tags for code
post Sep 19 2018, 05:02 PM
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1)Left side, 1st column (lower than the rest) how to correct ???
2)New Testament, indented, how to set to left (equal to Old Testament)
3)How to put font size in <style type="text/css> so it can be changed
for screen size (trying to make it responsive)
4)any positive suggestions on how to improve
Note: You can copy text and put in a HTML/CSS Editor and see results
Thank You


< style type="text/css" >
.lftcol { float:left;width:14%;margin-bottom:5px; }
< /style >  
<body background="../Images/creamswirl.gif">
   <dt><b><a name="Ezek_38"></a><center><font
   size="+3"><a href="../index.htm">Index: King James Version #2</a></font></center></b>
   <font size="+3"><b>Old Testament</b><br>    
  <!-- left column -->
  <dl class="lftcol"><font size="+2">  
  <dt>&nbsp;<b>&nbsp;1 <a href="01_001.htm">Genesis</a></dt>
  <dt>&nbsp;<b>&nbsp;2 <a href="02_001.htm">Exodus</a></dt>
  <dt>&nbsp;<b>&nbsp;3 <a href="03_001.htm">Leviticus</a></dt>
  <dt>&nbsp;<b>&nbsp;4 <a href="04_001.htm">Numbers</a></dt>
  <dt>&nbsp;<b>&nbsp;5 <a href="05_001.htm">Deuteronomy</a></dt>
  <dt>&nbsp;<b>&nbsp;6 <a href="06_001.htm">Joshua</a></dt></dl>
  <!-- left middle column -->
  <dl class="lftcol">
  <dt>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;<b>7 <a href="07_001.htm">Judges</a></dt>
  <dt>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;<b>8 <a href="08_001.htm">Ruth</a></dt>
  <dt>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;<b>9 <a href="09_001.htm">1 Samuel</a></dt>
  <dt>&nbsp;<b>10 <a href="10_001.htm">2 Samuel</a></dt>
  <dt>&nbsp;<b>11 <a href="11_001.htm">1 Kings</a></dt>
  <dt> &nbsp;<b>12 <a href="12_001.htm">2 Kings</a></dt></dl>
  <!-- left left middle column -->
  <dl class="lftcol">
  <dt>&nbsp;<b>13 <a href="13_001.htm">1 Chronicles</a></dt>
  <dt>&nbsp;<b>14 <a href="14_001.htm">2 Chronicles</a></dt>
  <dt>&nbsp;<b>15 <a href="15_001.htm">Ezra</a></dt>
  <dt>&nbsp;<b>16 <a href="16_001.htm">Nehemiah</a></dt>
  <dt>&nbsp;<b>17 <a href="17_001.htm">Esther</a></dt>
  <dt>&nbsp;<b>18 <a href="18_001.htm">Job</a></dt></dl>
  <!-- middle column -->
  <dl class="lftcol">
  <dt>&nbsp;<b>19 <a href="19_001.htm">Psalms</a></dt>
  <dt>&nbsp;<b>20 <a href="20_001.htm">Proverbs</a></dt>
  <dt>&nbsp;<b>21 <a href="21_001.htm">Ecclesiastes</a></dt>
  <dt>&nbsp;<b>22 <a href="22_001.htm">Song of Solomon</a></dt>
  <dt>&nbsp;<b>23 <a href="23_001.htm">Isaiah</a></dt>
  <dt>&nbsp;<b>24 <a href="24_001.htm">Jeremiah</a></dt></dl>
  <!-- right right middle column -->
  <dl class="lftcol">
  <dt>&nbsp;<b>25 <a href="25_001.htm">Lamentations</a></dt>
  <dt>&nbsp;<b>26 <a href="26_001.htm">Ezekiel</a></dt>
  <dt>&nbsp;<b>27 <a href="27_001.htm">Daniel</a></dt>
  <dt>&nbsp;<b>28 <a href="28_001.htm">Hosea</a></dt>
  <dt>&nbsp;<b>29 <a href="29_001.htm">Joel</a></dt>
  <dt>&nbsp;<b>30 <a href="30_001.htm">Amos</a></dt></dl>
  <!-- right middle column -->
  <dl class="lftcol">
  <dt>&nbsp;<b>31&nbsp;<a href="31_001.htm">Obadiah</a></dt>
  <dt>&nbsp;<b>32 <a href="32_001.htm">Jonah</a></dt>
  <dt>&nbsp;<b>33 <a href="33_001.htm">Micah</a></dt>
  <dt>&nbsp;<b>34 <a href="34_001.htm">Nahum</a></dt>
  <dt>&nbsp;<b>35 <a href="35_001.htm">Habakkuk</a></dt>
  <dt>&nbsp;<b>36 <a href="36_001.htm">Zephaniah</a></dt></dl>
  <!-- right column -->
  <dl class="lftcol">
  <dt>&nbsp;<b>37 <a href="37_001.htm">Haggai</a></dt>
  <dt>&nbsp;<b>38 <a href="38_001.htm">Zechariah</a></dt>
  <dt>&nbsp;<b>39 <a href="39_001.htm">Malachi</a></dt>
   <font size="+3"><b>New Testament</b></font><br>
    <!-- left column -->
  <dl class="lftcol"><font size="+2">
  <dt>&nbsp;<b>40 <a href="40_001.htm#anchor2018">Matthew</a></b></dt>
  <dt>&nbsp;<b>41 <a href="41_001.htm#anchor2467">Mark</a></b></dt>
  <dt>&nbsp;<b>42 <a href="42_001.htm#anchor1747">Luke</a></b></dt>
  <dt>&nbsp;<b>43 <a href="43_001.htm">John</a></dt></dl>
      <!-- left column -->
  <dl class="lftcol"><font size="+2">
  <dt>&nbsp;<b>44 <a href="44_001.htm#anchor12070">Acts</a></b></dt>
  <dt>&nbsp;<b>45 <a href="45_001.htm#anchor22960">Romans</a></b></dt>
  <dt>&nbsp;<b>46 <a href="46_001.htm#anchor27708">1 Corinthians</a></b></dt>
  <dt>&nbsp;<b>47 <a href="47_001.htm#anchor34475">2 Corinthians</a></b></dt></dl>
      <!-- left column -->
  <dl class="lftcol"><font size="+2">
  <dt>&nbsp;<b>48 <a href="48_001.htm#anchor6826">Galatians</a></b></dt>
  <dt>&nbsp;<b>49 <a href="49_001.htm#anchor30234">Ephesians</a></b></dt>
  <dt>&nbsp;<b>50 <a href="50_001.htm#anchor22516">Philippians</a></b></dt>
  <dt> &nbsp;<b>51 <a href="51_001.htm#anchor28733">Colossians</a></b></dt></dl>
        <!-- left column -->
  <dl class="lftcol"><font size="+2">
  <dt>&nbsp;<b>52 <a href="52_001.htm#anchor38758">1 Thessalonians</a></b></dt>
  <dt>&nbsp;<b>53 <a href="53_001.htm#anchor44844">2 Thessalonians</a></b></dt>
  <dt>&nbsp;<b>54 <a href="54_001.htm#anchor51196">1 Timothy</a></b></dt>
  <dt>&nbsp;<b>55 <a href="55_001.htm#anchor56816">2 Timothy</a></b></dt></dl>
        <!-- left column -->
  <dl class="lftcol"><font size="+2">
  <dt>&nbsp;<b>56 <a href="56_001.htm#anchor64699">Titus</a></b></dt>
  <dt>&nbsp;<b>57 <a href="57_001.htm#anchor71053">Philemon</a></b></dt>
  <dt>&nbsp;<b>58 <a href="58_001.htm#anchor77238">Hebrews</a></b></dt>
  <dt>&nbsp;<b>59 <a href="59_001.htm#anchor83135">James</a></b></dt></dl>
        <!-- left column -->
  <dl class="lftcol"><font size="+2">
  <dt>&nbsp;<b>60 <a href="60_001.htm#anchor88748">1 Peter</a></b></dt>
  <dt>&nbsp;<b>61 <a href="61_001.htm#anchor94160">2 Peter</a></b></dt>
  <dt>&nbsp;<b>62 <a href="62_001.htm#anchor100293">1 John</a></b></dt>
  <dt>&nbsp;<b>63 <a href="63_001.htm#anchor106472">2 John</a></b></dt></dl>
        <!-- right column -->
  <dl class="lftcol"><font size="+2">
  <dt>&nbsp;<b>64 <a href="64_001.htm#anchor111551">3 John</a></b></dt>
  <dt>&nbsp;<b>65 <a href="65_001.htm#anchor116676">Jude</a></b></dt>
  <dt>&nbsp;<b>66 <a href="66_001.htm#anchor121990">Revelation</a></b></dt>

<h2>Ezekiel 38 &nbsp;&nbsp;<b><font size="+2">Attack by Gog, the chief prince of Meshech and Tubal </font></h2></b>
<h3>[<a href="26_001.htm">1</a>] [<a href="26_002.htm">2</a>] [<a href="26_003.htm">3</a>] [<a href="26_004.htm">4</a>] [<a href="26_005.htm">5</a>]
[<a href="26_006.htm">6</a>] [<a href="26_007.htm">7</a>] [<a href="26_008.htm">8</a>] [<a href="26_009.htm">9</a>] [<a href="26_010.htm">10</a>]
[<a href="26_011.htm">11</a>] [<a href="26_012.htm">12</a>] [<a href="26_013.htm">13</a>] [<a href="26_014.htm">14</a>] [<a href="26_015.htm">15</a>]
[<a href="26_016.htm">16</a>] [<a href="26_017.htm">17</a>] [<a href="26_018.htm">18</a>] [<a href="26_019.htm">19</a>] [<a href="26_020.htm">20</a>]
[<a href="26_021.htm">21</a>] [<a href="26_022.htm">22</a>] [<a href="26_023.htm">23</a>] [<a href="26_024.htm">24</a>] [<a href="26_025.htm">25</a>]
[<a href="26_026.htm">26</a>] [<a href="26_027.htm">27</a>] [<a href="26_028.htm">28</a>] [<a href="26_029.htm">29</a>] [<a href="26_030.htm">30</a>]
[<a href="26_031.htm">31</a>] [<a href="26_032.htm">32</a>] [<a href="26_033.htm">33</a>] [<a href="26_034.htm">34</a>] [<a href="26_035.htm">35</a>]
[<a href="26_036.htm">36</a>] [<a href="26_037.htm">37</a>] [<a href="26_038.htm">38</a>] [<a href="26_039.htm">39</a>] [<a href="26_040.htm">40</a>]
[<a href="26_041.htm">41</a>] [<a href="26_042.htm">42</a>] [<a href="26_043.htm">43</a>] [<a href="26_044.htm">44</a>] [<a href="26_045.htm">45</a>]
[<a href="26_046.htm">46</a>] [<a href="26_047.htm">47</a>] [<a href="26_048.htm">48</a>]

thank you again for your time and efforts
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Christian J
post Sep 20 2018, 04:00 PM
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A definition list (DL) containing DT elements may not be the most suitable element for what looks like a list of links. Maybe an ordinary UL list is a better choice.

The DL element can only contain DT or DD elements: (the DT and DD elements may contain other elements, though). For example, FONT elements like this:

<dl class="lftcol"><font size="+2">

are not allowed directly inside DL. They (or the lack of them in some columns) seems to be what's making the first column appear lower.

Heading text like this:

<font size="+3"><b>Old Testament</b><br>

should be put in heading elements (H1, H2, H3, etc) instead of FONT. However, the ending list of links:

<h3>[<a href="26_001.htm">1</a>] [<a href="26_002.htm">2</a>] ...

is not heading text, again it looks more like a UL list to me (or possibly a numbered OL list).

In CSS you might use e.g. percentages to specify font size of various elements (with 100% being the default size for ordinary body text). But usually it does no harm in leaving font sizes to the user's browser default settings.
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