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HTMLHelp Forums _ Web Site Functionality _ Want to know regarding url redirection

Posted by: Sujit Philip Oct 24 2006, 06:42 AM

I want to redirect "" to

But my host doesnt allow me to have two level subdomain, i.e. "" It only allows me to have ""

Is there any way that i can add some script or some other kind of thing and make the www.subdomain.mydomain. com to redirect to a specific url?

The problem is tht i have created to redirect to But i also want tht if somebody types then he should be redirected to the same page. But tht is not working.

Is there any solution?

Posted by: Darin McGrew Oct 24 2006, 02:39 PM

If your hosting provider won't let you configure, then there's nothing you can to to make redirect anywhere.

But if you always use, then I can't see why anyone should expect to do anything useful.

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