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HTMLHelp Forums _ Off Topic _ How Do I Specify HTML Editor to Use in Chrome?

Posted by: homeuser May 6 2018, 01:39 PM

I apologize if I have posted this in the wrong forum. How do I tell Chrome to let me use the Kedit editor - and not Chrome's tool - that I want to use to display and edit HTML source? In Firefox, I simply go to About:Config, set view_source.editor.external to true and put Kedit's location on my disk as the string value in view_source.editor.path.

I don't know where the equivalent settings are in Chrome, or if Chrome even gives the user that ability. FF keeps having a problem with the Media Player and half the time doesn't play it on my main PC, so I need to do my developing/editing in Chrome, where the Player works.

Any assistance with this will be most appreciated.
Thank you.

Posted by: pandy May 7 2018, 02:11 AM

I'm not very knowledgeable in Chrome's settings, but I googled a little and it seems there is no way. Some people suggest looking for an extension but no one seems to find one so...

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