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Posted by: Darin McGrew Nov 26 2008, 09:28 AM

Please take a minute to introduce yourself...

How did you start writing/programming for the web?
What kind of web-related projects do you work on?
Do you have any other interests?

[Information about web companies should be posted elsewhere; this thread is for people to introduce themselves.]

Posted by: Tom H. Nov 26 2008, 09:57 AM

I come from a printing and publishing background, and began working on websites for print customers looking to "repurpose" their content. I now work for local government, where about a third of my time is spent on municipal web sites. My interest in web accessibility predates my current job, but the knowledge I've gained has proven valuable in it. Boating and gardening are among my other interests.

Posted by: jimlongo Nov 26 2008, 11:16 AM

I come from the audio post-production and recording industry. I started long before computers, you know razor blades and magnetic tape. But as computers became more prevalent i started getting more interested in working with other digital art forms.

My first websites were for my own business. Then one day at the tennis club i made the mistake of telling the president they should have a website. That lead to a an ever expanding volunteer project that has no end in sight.

Then I started to gain a reputation amongst my wife's colleagues as someone who could help with their sites. So I have a little business on the side that I see as something i can do even into retirement. I think there is a niche for designers and consultants to very small business and individuals, who need a lot of hand holding and patient plain-spoken explanation of the options and facilities available to them.

Tennis, music, cooking and gardening are my hobbies.

Posted by: Brian Chandler Nov 26 2008, 01:17 PM

I started (learing) programming in 1965 (I think); I effectively "word-processed" my computer-science diploma dissertation in 1971, using a program called the Matthewman Paginator that ran on the Titan computer in Cambridge to output a tape for a flexowriter. Um I started my first website in 1999, and I am still on it, but a part (the jigsaw puzzle shop) has grown into a small business.

I do choral singing and play the piano. I do actually do jigsaw puzzles occasionally, too, but now I pretend it's work.

Posted by: Carroot Nov 30 2008, 06:36 AM

Hi Everyone I am a newbie and would appreciate all the Help I can Get. Thank you.

Posted by: datias Jan 26 2009, 02:35 PM

I started teaching myself HTML about 8 or so years ago. I've done some generic sites using Yahoo, but trying to code as much as I could on my own or using other's scripts as opposed to WYSIWYG apps. Still, my knowledge is pretty basic - though I have stopped using frames a while back tongue.gif CSS goes right over my head, even though I've tried to get it.

Currently, I'm trying to revamp my podcast's website with various degrees of success.

Posted by: Beekeer Apr 1 2009, 02:58 PM

I come from an electronics background have been building non commercial websites since 2000 , ie local village site , oil engine club (my other interest) etc

In spite of the time spent with websites there are times when I need help and searching the web for answers can prove to be a lengthy proccess ,
I gave up on trying to search for the answer to a current problem and have just spent best part of 5 hours solving how to make a button both print and increment a counter so I know how many people have printed the page
So it seemed like a good idea to register on this forum so I can post a question if I need to and perhaps answer if I can

Posted by: Lynki2009 Jun 9 2009, 09:38 PM

Hi, I'm a newbie, glad to be here. I come from computer science background, so I'd like to compare notes with you all here. I register on this forum to wish that I can post a question and perhaps give answers if I can. Thanks!

Posted by: Darin McGrew Jun 9 2009, 10:40 PM

Welcome, Lynki2009!

Posted by: Joe Micheal Dec 30 2009, 07:03 AM

I am new here, basically a freelance accountant. I am interesting in programing and developing my site.

Posted by: west158 Dec 30 2009, 09:28 AM

Im always the late one....
was 7yrs old (16 now), started breaking my dads computer and pulling things apart then after a while i managed to put it back together, and from then got interested in computing.

here i am now, basic knowledge of HTML, php & mysql, css, and attending a level 2 technicians course at college so i can move to L3 (fail at maths / physics so couldn't do L3)

so thats how i got into computing....

website design... i did it to pass the time, and still do it now...

Posted by: George Baker Mar 15 2010, 11:19 AM

Hi, this George Baker from Florida, friends call me GB. I’m new here and will love to seek help from my senior forum members.

Posted by: Jason70988 Mar 16 2010, 01:23 PM

Hi, my name is Jason Morgan, I'm 21 from England, and I should be sticking around to see what I can pick up from you guys.


Posted by: Daniel Descalso Mar 26 2010, 11:10 AM

Hello friends i’m new to this forum my name Daniel Descalso…

Posted by: saniya4782 Mar 31 2010, 02:52 PM

hi its saniya here from pakistan....

nd what should i say in may introduction as briefly as other said ....

Posted by: markrichardson Apr 11 2010, 09:11 AM

Hi, this is mark richerdson from Mesa, i'm a newbie to htmlhelp and would love to seek help of my senior forum members related to web designing.. I willl also try to share valuable information to the best of my knowledge.

Posted by: crowdogs May 2 2010, 11:42 AM

Hi. First off I’d like to think you, whoever that might be, for a great forum!

My name is Pete and my alter ego is CrowDogs (see my aviator).

I started programming sometime in the 90’s with Visual Basic. I developed a free desktop program called Win-USA that contained some of the more important and historical documents of the USA. From that came numerous other programs and the desire to make websites.

I've developed the websites for my former and current employer which has started me doing some freelance work. Though I’ve only made a few hundred dollars, I do it more for the fun and occupation. It helps to keep this old mind sharp (relatively speaking).

That’s it, nothing more nothing less.

Thanks again for a great forum!


Posted by: mathew1204 Sep 9 2010, 04:09 AM

My name is Mathew and I work with a website development company am a first time user of this forum and hope to see you all on the forum soon.


Posted by: Portraiture Oct 19 2010, 01:34 AM

Hello all!
My name Kelly. Happy to get acquainted with you. Thanks.

Posted by: cilla Nov 3 2010, 01:00 PM

Hello, to everyone. I am from Arkansas. My job is on the rocks. I need to get my website together with a script so people visiting my site can add items for sale on the site.
Bye for now.

Posted by: Yep2Happy Nov 27 2010, 12:44 AM

QUOTE(Darin McGrew @ Nov 26 2008, 09:28 AM) *

Please take a minute to introduce yourself...

How did you start writing/programming for the web? I started today. I'm a complete novice and I've been watching (don't laugh) Youtube to design my own website for free. I follow instructions well and know a few things about the internet. It's program designing that is difficult. Many years ago I could just use a template, uploaded it to the web browser and it was all done. Now it seems I can't do that. So, I'm starting from scratch.

What kind of web-related projects do you work on? Just this website. I have so many questions. I have the first page done but it looks boring. Where are all the fancy fonts? Can I use a template once I've started designing everything with HTML? Heck, are there any templates? How do I get a second page with HTML?

Do you have any other interests? I'm an online English teacher looking to do a small startup business. I have so many ideas and so little experience with HTML. HELP! smile.gif

[Information about web companies should be posted elsewhere; this thread is for people to introduce themselves.]

Posted by: pandy Nov 27 2010, 01:56 AM

Welcome. smile.gif

Posted by: Tomkeller Dec 9 2010, 04:14 PM

Hi my name is Tom and I am new here

Posted by: Bgomez1990 Mar 15 2011, 11:54 PM

QUOTE(Darin McGrew @ Nov 26 2008, 09:28 AM) *

Please take a minute to introduce yourself...

How did you start writing/programming for the web?
What kind of web-related projects do you work on?
Do you have any other interests?

[Information about web companies should be posted elsewhere; this thread is for people to introduce themselves.]
Hey there Darin my names Beau I'm new to the web design language I'm trying to get into this because it's very intersting and challenging in a way. Why I'm contacting you is because I'm looking for some pointers just some foot notes and where and how to take my first step in this computer world. As far as I know you can start your formating on Notepad but, how do I go about previewing what I am creating???

Posted by: Darin McGrew Mar 16 2011, 12:06 AM

I preview my work in a browser. If I'm doing anything with page layout or design, then I preview in all the browsers I have on my system, and then borrow a system with MSIE to make sure it doesn't butcher it too badly.

Posted by: Bgomez1990 Mar 16 2011, 12:18 AM

QUOTE(Darin McGrew @ Mar 16 2011, 12:06 AM) *

I preview my work in a browser. If I'm doing anything with page layout or design, then I preview in all the browsers I have on my system, and then borrow a system with MSIE to make sure it doesn't butcher it too badly.

How is it that I go about doing all that. I am a virgin when it comes to these things.

Posted by: pandy Mar 16 2011, 05:43 AM

Start with installing the latest versions of all browsers that run on your system.

Posted by: jimlongo Mar 16 2011, 11:55 AM

How is it that I go about doing all that. I am a virgin when it comes to these things.

First figure out how to display that file you made in Notepad in the browser you already have.

Since I'm not on that platform I can't tell you . . . maybe you can drag'n'drop the file on your browser, or use the File>Open menu.

Then try some tutorials.

Posted by: crowdogs Mar 17 2011, 06:41 PM

... I'm trying to get into this because it's very intersting and challenging in a way.

It is very interesting and challenging, and becoming more so everyday. At least I find it to be.

But Notepad? These guys with all the pip's under their avatar can build a web page with their monitors turned off. I, on the other hand find an editor, like Dreamweaver, to be a pleasant and helpful aid. I've said it here before and I'll say it again: Though I use code view extensively, design view is among other things a quick way to view your work and a much appreciated tool for my development. The website development that is.

Posted by: pandy Mar 17 2011, 06:53 PM

Notepad isn't a bad choice actually. Maybe it's a matter of disposition, but I actually learn and understand better when I have to type everything manually. You know, a little like when in school taking notes made more of it stick, even if you never looked at those notes later. When you learn a new (computer) language typing also forces you to take note of all the details like how quotes are used, different types of brackets and parenthesis, case and whatnot. When you leave something out or do something wrong otherwise and it doesn't work you notice it's there and what it is and hopefully you'll remember.

Posted by: Christian J Mar 18 2011, 09:20 AM

In the long run using Notepad is not very efficient, though. Rather you should use a more advanced text editor with features such as a clip book, so you don't have to type common code snippets again and again.

Posted by: jimlongo Mar 18 2011, 10:18 AM

Yeah it also helps to have syntax color coding of some sort.

Posted by: pandy Mar 18 2011, 10:24 AM

Sure, but that doesn't matter for the fundamental value of typing markup or any other kind of "code" when learning.*) You don't learn quicker or better because you have whiz-bang editor.

Finding a favourite editor isn't an easy task either, takes time searching and testing. Maybe it's better to use what you already have to begin with and spend the energy on learning. Once you are a bit on the way you also have a better picture of what you look for in an editor.

*) Later you type because it's quicker. happy.gif

Posted by: emiliapeper Mar 23 2011, 08:09 PM

Hi im emilia peper im from Denmark I work as Graphic designer in a company called UrFilez.

Posted by: KenA Mar 31 2011, 06:51 PM

Hi all, I'm Ken from Scotland.
Ive been doing website design for a number of years just as a hobby for friends, now starting to learn and study properly in the hopes of setting up my own business.

Always looking to learn new information and with HTML5 and CSS3 in the mainstream, Ive got lots more to learn smile.gif

Posted by: Chris Martucci Apr 8 2011, 01:50 PM

Wow, I guess I never introduced myself?

My name is Chris Martucci. I'm a senior in college (graduating this month). I'm 22 years old, and I live in Saint Augustine, Florida, with my girlfriend. I spend most of my time reading and writing for my blog.

I know some html and css (enough to get by). This forum has been very helpful so far.

Posted by: lowriderSTi Jul 23 2011, 06:26 PM

Hey guys,
I'm low, a 21 year old freelance. I found this forum accidentally and it seems really nice.

I hope I'll enjoy my time here.

Posted by: jomac77 Sep 3 2011, 07:19 AM

I am Joy Joseph, Staying at Mumbai, INDIA. I am freelancer of Web Design, Graphic Design, Data Conversion and Data Entry job.
One of my client need a Web Design which can add new members in their site. Could you please help me with the source code? If you have any kind of above mentioned work I can do it very cheap.
Thanks and Kind Regards
Joy Joseph

Posted by: burghhouse Oct 11 2011, 10:31 AM

I'm John. I do websites for people on St. Helena. Details at

[code] and at

Posted by: vanne Oct 11 2011, 04:50 PM

I was a dog trainer, a good friend of mine was also a dgo trainer. She quit and gave me her website and company name. I learned to code on the fly. The site was beautiful but this horrible mess of frames inside of frames inside of frames. (Her controlling ex-husband tried to build it so no one else could edit it, lol)I knew absolutely nothing about computers, but began learning out of desparation. I remember spending most of a week at the computer, slowly going through the coade, deleting one tag at a time to find it on the page, and then put a comment before the tag. I started to learn what some meant. smile.gif

Now I'm working on a website for my fiance's business. I'm learning more every day!

Other interests are sidewalk chalk art, pumpkin carving, and piano.

Posted by: jimlongo Oct 11 2011, 05:04 PM

Desperation is a great teacher. Glad you're enjoying it. Keep on going!

Posted by: Tracy Stein Jan 31 2012, 09:06 PM

I'm tracy, from China.

Welcome to China.

Posted by: marcuspowel Feb 7 2012, 07:23 AM

hello everyone, i am marcus powell,i newly join to this topic, please get posting this topic and enjoy all,this game section was gettig benefit to all,please coperate me and getting some extra.

Posted by: marcuspowel Mar 27 2012, 01:51 AM

Hello all,

I started playing on 1/27/2012 and am now level 11. My name is Marcus game is my important part of my life ,i play many type of game but lottery game is the important game of all game, this is my persona ingame as well as my friends, so feel free to drop me a line anytime. When I am offline, I enjoy playimg chess, reading, a wide array of music, & videogames.


Posted by: canuckmama Apr 10 2012, 02:35 PM

blink.gif Hi new to this site. I am a small web site designer in BC and really am looking for a place to get advice and help on my sites. I want to take more schooling and want to know where to start! Right now I need big help with a drop float problem.

If anyone can help me the site is I have been playing with it for 4 days now and need to have fresh eyes, the site worked fine for a month then every image just disappeared!

Posted by: pandy Apr 10 2012, 05:19 PM

They seem to be there now.

Posted by: Robert M Aug 21 2012, 10:48 AM

Greetings to all; No formal learning or schooling but
I have cobbled together my experences of computer electronics (basic before being asked to leave)Computer Programing (back when Cobal, Fortran and Basic was all the rage) and a lot of self teaching on Lotus 123, Database III+ and most recently Access.
I am now working on HTML and CSS programing and have come across a need to see some examples of HTML pages and CSS pages as they appear after compleation. I am learning the elements and the coding, but have a lot of questions on the layout. I.E. how to change the styles on the web page from one <p> to another.
Thank you for having the forum.

Posted by: doobylee Sep 30 2012, 08:16 PM

Hey, im a computer science major and i wanted to learn how to start up my own website and get things rolling. My name is Patrick Murphy and my interests are sports, gaming, artificial intelligence and programming.

Posted by: jonasmarsh621 Oct 12 2012, 01:30 AM

Hello everybody! I am Jonas from San Diego, California. A newbie web designer. I'm a teacher by profession. Got interested on web designing since this has become the theme in my school.

Posted by: benjie22 Oct 31 2012, 12:03 AM

Hello! I'm Benjie and work in pest control treatment company. I came here to know and understand html and other programming language. I wanna understand how to create website using html. I hope that I'm still welcome here despite that I am not a programmer.

Posted by: Darin McGrew Oct 31 2012, 09:54 AM

Welcome, Benjie!

Posted by: OlgaRainbow Nov 14 2012, 07:19 AM

Hello to everyone here! Actually i'm the newbiest newbie i think) but i found this forum and i think i'll grow up here. thank you!

Posted by: Frederiek Nov 14 2012, 09:33 AM

Welcome Olga. Hey, we all started there once. Ok, for me, that's a long time ago wink.gif

Posted by: OlgaRainbow Nov 15 2012, 12:04 PM

QUOTE(Frederiek @ Nov 14 2012, 04:33 PM) *

Welcome Olga. Hey, we all started there once. Ok, for me, that's a long time ago wink.gif

someday i'll say these words too " ..for me, that's a long time ago wink.gif.."

Posted by: John1995 Dec 27 2012, 12:06 AM


My name is Johnathon, I am 17 years old and a senior at, and I started my programming life at 16 years old. The extent of my knowledge is basic SQL and most of what there is to know about HTML. I just finished a semester long class on HTML and CSS in high school. As of know I do some developmental projects on my own, on some privately used Game databases, as well as personal projects for local organizations, web pages that is, at least until I get through college for Computer Sciences/Programming. As far as hobbies go, I am social, but I tend to be a gamer at heart. MMO's and dice and paper RPGs are where I generally stay. Outside of that, I participate, whenever possible in Skills USA, and I just recently achieved the highest award in Scouting, I am, as of 12/18/2012 a registered Eagle Scout od the Boy Scouts of America. If that doesn't mean something to someone, then I don't know what will. I hope I can benefit from the knowledge everyone has to offer, and eventually be able to offer some of my own some day. I have a feeling I will visit here often, through the years.

Posted by: Darin McGrew Dec 29 2012, 03:35 AM

Welcome, John1995!

Posted by: rockinrod Feb 10 2013, 05:26 AM

Hello All,

I've been doing basic web site building for about 15 years now but am now seeing the need to learn some HTML coding to fix my blunders...

Glad to be here, originally from, Ft Campbell, KY, last place of residence Baton Rouge, LA now retired and living in the wonderful country of the sunny Philippines...

Hoping to pic some brains and learn some of this code and my web page errors, repairing...


R Bell
Cebu City, Philippines

QUOTE(Darin McGrew @ Nov 26 2008, 09:28 AM) *

Please take a minute to introduce yourself...

How did you start writing/programming for the web?
What kind of web-related projects do you work on?
Do you have any other interests?

[Information about web companies should be posted elsewhere; this thread is for people to introduce themselves.]

Posted by: jac92 Apr 4 2013, 12:27 PM

Hows it going everyone?

As you can easily tell, I am new to this site and honestly, I am fairly new to programming and coding.

I have dabbled with python in the past for school, currently learning html and php, and I am udderly lost!

I hope this place can offer some help for me to understand what I'm doing wrong.

I would just like to point out, yes I am a student, and yes I will be asking for help with homework assignments. PLEASE LISTEN TO THIS NEXT PART! I understand that people come on to these websites all the time for others to do their work for them. I DO NOT MEAN TO IMPLY THIS! I will be asking for help on my assignments, but not the assignments themselves! I will be posting examples and alternations to the assignment so you dont think I am asking for someone to do it for me.

I honestly do want to learn this, so I hope you all can understand that I do not mean to try to be the typical student trying to find an easy way out and it is for this reason I am explaining myself in this post. I have had sites in the past shun me and throw me aside because they think I just copied my assignment and pasted it for someone else to do for me. THIS IS NOT WHAT I AM DOING!

Thank you all and I look forward to receiving your help!


Posted by: houseclearance24 May 9 2013, 11:42 PM

I'm Lloyd from London. I'm not a programming but I really want to learn all about html which until now I'm still confused.

Posted by: Auntie M May 12 2013, 07:37 PM

I have a website on which I just put a large table with an index at the top. I can get from the index to the beginning of a specific initial alphabetic character in the "author" column of the table but not to a specific author name. I cannot see any difference in the coding between the link/anchor pairs that work and the ones that do not.

I cannot figure out what keywords to use to find info about internal links. The first thing I saw on this site was a statement by an expert who says he refuses to help people debug.

I worked on mainframe computers from 1967 to 1999 and am retired now and play with my own website. This is the first time I am completely baffled about how to fix a problem.

Posted by: Auntie M May 12 2013, 07:56 PM

My name is Margie, on here as "Auntie M". I have a simple question about why some of my internal links work and some do not although I believe the code is identical. I wrote a much longer description and it seemed to have posted but I tried to edit it and now I cannot find it. (In the course of editing I went to my own website to pick up a fact and this website disappeared.) I'm having a lot of trouble figuring out how and where to post this message.

go to for more information and some pages from the .html

Posted by: jimlongo May 12 2013, 10:55 PM

At the top where you have the author's name link like this
<a href = "#authorname">Author Name</a>
When someone clicks on that link you will jump to the ID in the body
. . .
<a id="author name"></a>

I think you can leave the id anchor empty, I usually do.

Posted by: pandy May 13 2013, 01:37 AM

If you look at the first bunch under J, the J link itself works, but not the others. Now look at the markup.

         <A HREF="#J"><font-size: 18pt><B>J </B></FONT></A><br>
         <A HREF=”#J2”>JOHANSEN </A><br>
         <A HREF=”#filler”>&nbsp; </A><br>
         <A HREF=”#filler”>&nbsp; </A> <br>
         <A HREF=”#filler”>&nbsp; </A>

You have written this in Word or similar. Don't. Use a plain text editor or an editor geared towards HTML. If you look close you can see that the first link ('#J') uses normal quotes, the others use curly quotes, smart quotes. They have nothing to do in HTML, not in the markup itself and not even in the content.

Regarding how to post, go to Find the sub forum you want to post in, for example and click the link to it. Then in the upper right corner, above the thread list, you'll find a blue button labeled "New Topic". Click on that and write away. smile.gif

IPB Image

Posted by: Kvant Jan 2 2014, 06:34 AM

I have retired a year ago after working with Oracle for 20 years.
Now I will do my own home page (at least try).

Posted by: Darin McGrew Jan 4 2014, 04:13 PM

Welcome, Kvant!

Posted by: Vicki Feb 28 2014, 02:23 AM

My name is Vicki. I just joined this forum and I believe this will help me in doing website.

Posted by: Biggles Jun 16 2014, 02:46 AM

Hi, I'm Daniel from England. I am 10 and I got into coding by reading a book about the internet which made me want to be one of the 'boffins' that make webpages. Now your probaly going to tell me that I shouldn't be here but I want help with html and css.

Posted by: Frederiek Jun 16 2014, 03:10 AM

Welcome, Daniel.
Anyone, young and old, can get help here with web related questions.

Posted by: i. o. pine Aug 2 2014, 10:11 PM

Hello Forum. My first post, looking forward to learning!



Posted by: advent Mar 6 2015, 07:21 AM

Myself advent from India, Currently Working as a Web Designer at Advent Designs. of course am the founder of Advent Designs. am here to make some friends. Hope so smile.gif

Posted by: LimakXRobczuk Jun 15 2015, 08:13 PM

Hi all,

My internet nick is LimakXRobczuk, so wherever you find it it'll be me wink.gif.

I'm from Poland, so sorry for every language mistakes.

I'm musician, but I'm interesting in computer science and html like a hobby. I like to find solutions for problems, so i find problems to find a solutions xD, it is my secondary lifetime hobby tongue.gif.

Posted by: Michaeltrio Aug 21 2015, 02:20 AM


My name is Michael Trio. I am new member of the community and i like to say hello to all members.

Posted by: pandy Aug 21 2015, 04:00 AM

Hihi! smile.gif

Posted by: Darin McGrew Aug 21 2015, 12:29 PM


Posted by: p-coder Dec 9 2015, 08:22 AM

Hi everybody

I'm thinking of learning html to further my career - 53 yr old made unemployed and limited job prospects for me as an as yet non-national here in St. Kitts, West Indies. Perhaps employment not limited by geographical boundaries is the way to go!
But for now, I just joined the site because I have a job application coming up, and I thought it might impress them to point out that their site is displaying the html message

Warning: Illegal string offset 'id' in /home/emhschoo/public_html/view/wp-content/themes/edupress/sidebar.php on line 4

I was wondering - could anyone on this forum please explain or suggest why this is showing up on their page (ie, what did the creator of the website do wrong). This would also be a bit of a beginners html lesson for me! The link to the page mentioned is

Thanks in advance for any insights on this smile.gif

Best regards, p-coder

Posted by: pandy Dec 9 2015, 08:43 AM

Hi! tongue.gif

It isn't an HTML error. It's a PHP error. I don't think anyone can get very much more out of it this side of the server, but repost in the server side forum and let's see.

Posted by: aroushtech Jan 20 2016, 10:42 AM

how can easily better understand html basic for insert meta?

Best Regards,


Posted by: jacobcarl Feb 17 2016, 01:19 AM

Hello everyone, i am jacob carl. 25 years old . happy to be part of this group. thank you.

Posted by: BriannaLee Feb 21 2016, 07:34 AM

hi. I am a novice programmer, glad to be here. smile.gif

Posted by: Royal Lion Creative Apr 14 2016, 09:01 AM

Hi ther, I am Royal Lion Creative and I am happy to be part of this wonderful community.

Posted by: Canver Mike May 12 2016, 12:24 PM


New member here. I would like to say hello to all. How are you guys?


Posted by: Austing Jun 1 2016, 07:28 PM


Newbie here! Opened my account few minutes ago. I would like to say hello to all. Hope you are all well guys?

Thank you!

Posted by: jlittle15 Jan 17 2017, 09:22 PM

QUOTE(Darin McGrew @ Nov 26 2008, 09:28 AM) *

Please take a minute to introduce yourself...

How did you start writing/programming for the web?
What kind of web-related projects do you work on?
Do you have any other interests?

[Information about web companies should be posted elsewhere; this thread is for people to introduce themselves.]

new to programming and design taking classes on the subject currently

Posted by: pandy Jan 18 2017, 05:43 AM

Welcome. tongue.gif

Posted by: jokerrules Sep 11 2017, 02:26 AM

G'Day, all! Just thought I'd do the polite thing and introduce myself. I'm not really a website genius, but I know that a spend a lot more time on those with attractive visuals. I'm just in the process of starting a new venture... quitting the rat race and opening a b&b... I'll be taking on the task of designing the website myself and really looking forward to learning all the tricks from the masters.

Hope Monday is treating all of you well! smile.gif


Posted by: djfloopstt Sep 12 2017, 09:52 AM

Hello my name is djfloopstt and I am from Trinidad. I wanted to get exposure from my talent so I decided to host a website. It is heavily optimized and is probably the fastest dj website in the world. I did all my optimization and now I am learning code because it has taken a hold of me. I am hoping to code my own website soon. Check out my website and let me know if you have suggestions.

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