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Posted by: fergald Jan 25 2007, 12:08 PM


I am the owner of the website - the website provides hands-on training classes and online courses in Html, PHP, Java, Microsoft, Oracle, Unix and much more.

you have a course manager for assigning courses and removing courses you have completed - non registered users get two free courses (try html getting started) and registered users have access to much more courses. when you complete a course you can take assesments result are all stored and you can run reports. You can also be a manager and assing courses and tests to students.

My problem are

what do you think of the layout, color etc - some people say it is great other say its crap.

(1) I need to get more traffic and inccrease my pr - i have optimized and optimized code but to no avail - i have added 5 courses still no increase. Can anyone help.

(2) would you recommend adwords from google - i have 50 dollars credit with overture.

(3) would you pay for your link to be added to websites.

what are your best marketing ideas.

kind regards

Posted by: Darin McGrew Jan 25 2007, 12:57 PM

Fixing your couldn't hurt. Part of that is making up your mind whether you're using HTML or XHTML, and sticking with that decision. (I recommend HTML, unless you gain a specific benefit from using XHTML.) You've got too.

And while I'm at it, here's what your site looks like in my copy of MSIE. It isn't any better in Opera (my normal browser) or Firefox.Attached Image

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