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Posted by: Niche0225001 Jul 24 2019, 07:33 AM

I was looking for some assistance with getting a pop up button to make an audio alert when it appears. The button is to accept incoming chat requests and they have been getting missed because you have to be eyes on the screen to catch it. I’m trying to get it to ring basically but I’ve only been able to get the audio to play when the accept button is clicked but not when it 1st pops up. This is the html the way it currently stands on the site. Could anyone assist me?

<button type="button" id="accept_button_e5be844913a53a001ca459812244b09e" tabindex="0" aria-label="Accept Ticket From IT Service Desk" class="btn btn-primary ng-hide" ng-hide="isEmpty()" ng-disabled="!canAnswer" ng-click="answer($event)" aria-hidden="true" style="">Accept</button>

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