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Posted by: almasy87 Sep 10 2017, 05:51 AM

Hello everyone!

I come in need of help since I'm about to go crazy. I'm not really experienced in html so all I'm doing is following tutorials or videos and keep going by trials tongue.gif

I want to open a Tumblr and I'm using pretty theme with a lot of functions for free and attempting to edit it a bit.

Anyway. When I first install the theme there is an option to load an image, and if I load it there it works perfectly.

Problem is I want the blog to have a cursive font pulled directly from Google fonts otherwise no one can see it properly if they don't have the font installed.

So after quite some search I found that you need to put this code in the theme

<link href='//,700,700italic,400italic,300' rel='stylesheet' type='text/css'>.

I have another computer here without that font so I can verify that with this line the font appears properly.

But the background image disappears :/ I don't understand why. I've tried some things like uploading it to the theme assets a second time with a different name and changing the link but it won't appear.

I'm attaching the code as a file, it's not letting me post it for some reason, maybe it's too big?

Things that I've changed in the code apart from adding the font family are:

- removed the way the links worked and the arrows appearing and replaced it with this

a:link {
text-shadow: 1px 1px 1px #414141;

a:visited {

a:hover {

- removed some of the extra social media fields from the code cause I don't use them

But I don't think this affects it cause the image only disappears when I add the font.. but I may be wrong, probably some other line is interfering sad.gif

Link to the blog:
Link to the image to use:

(also I've tried to upload it to to static tumblr so many times it says I've already reached the upload limit of 15 MB today sleep.gif I wonder if I can use the dropbox link in the theme...)

Please help me out sad.gif

!Attached File  blogcode.txt ( 67.27k ) Number of downloads: 535

Posted by: almasy87 Sep 10 2017, 08:21 AM

Actually never mind, disregard this. I was an idiot and instead of copying the proper google font link I just replaced a part but it wasn't pointing to the right location ^^"

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